Monday, June 14, 2010

The Post.....Post

Well we did it. 3 high school grads. 6000 miles. 6 days 6 hours on train. 17 days and 7 cities (with a couple of stops in a few other towns such as Minot, North Dakota). We've also learned a lot on this trip. Such as:
-Old men really need their coffee.
-Trains get COLD.
-Don't try crossing the street in DC on Memorial Day.
-Chicagans have interesting names for each other.
-Mr. Beef is NOT a gay club.
-Pacific Clambakes have the power to bring people back from the dead.
-There is only ONE hill in ALL of North Dakota.
-The deer in Montana are creepy.
-Veronica from the Cafe Car has the most interesting voice.
-Australians are very comfortable around other men.
-36 hours on a as much fun as it sounds.
-HOusTon makes ya sweat.
-THE HOUSTON AQUARIUM (if you can call it that) IS A RIP-OFF!
-Bourbon Street is nice.........if you don't have nostrils.
-In Nawlins, the French Quarter is MUCH different from the rest of the city.
-Birmingham is not the best of Amtrak stations.
-.....and so much more.
This was really a great experience for all three of us. We met a lot of great people and we will never forget this trip across our great nation. And when people ask where we went for our senior trip, instead of saying the beach like everyone else, we'll be able to tell them that our destination was...AMERICA!
-The Captain

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  1. Aunt Dawn has been moved to tears...the ending was beautiful and made me very proud to be your aunt morgan. You will go far in life...maybe even to the moon. Love you!