Monday, June 14, 2010

The Post.....Post

Well we did it. 3 high school grads. 6000 miles. 6 days 6 hours on train. 17 days and 7 cities (with a couple of stops in a few other towns such as Minot, North Dakota). We've also learned a lot on this trip. Such as:
-Old men really need their coffee.
-Trains get COLD.
-Don't try crossing the street in DC on Memorial Day.
-Chicagans have interesting names for each other.
-Mr. Beef is NOT a gay club.
-Pacific Clambakes have the power to bring people back from the dead.
-There is only ONE hill in ALL of North Dakota.
-The deer in Montana are creepy.
-Veronica from the Cafe Car has the most interesting voice.
-Australians are very comfortable around other men.
-36 hours on a as much fun as it sounds.
-HOusTon makes ya sweat.
-THE HOUSTON AQUARIUM (if you can call it that) IS A RIP-OFF!
-Bourbon Street is nice.........if you don't have nostrils.
-In Nawlins, the French Quarter is MUCH different from the rest of the city.
-Birmingham is not the best of Amtrak stations.
-.....and so much more.
This was really a great experience for all three of us. We met a lot of great people and we will never forget this trip across our great nation. And when people ask where we went for our senior trip, instead of saying the beach like everyone else, we'll be able to tell them that our destination was...AMERICA!
-The Captain

Day 16&17, End of the Road

Day 16 started out waking up at 3:00AM! to catch a 4:00am cab. The train left Houston around 5:00am and we got into N'awlins around 1:30pm. Immediately, we caught a cab and checked into India House hostel and headed to the French Quarter. Upon arrival at the corner of Bourbon and Canal st., the journey to Cafe du Monde to get delicious Beignets ( a tip courtesy of my Aunt Leslie) had begun. After seeing Jackson square and St.Louis cathedral, all of us had found a strong appetite for french donuts covered in powder sugar, and we were not disappointed! Continuing to roam the French Quarter, we stumbled upon Queen Marie Laveau's voodoo shop. They definitely weren't short on Money Oil, Voodoo dolls, or Jesus Action Figures(the last one doesn't fit I know). Dan, unfortunately, took a few pictures on the inside. Which a worker later informed us "upsets the spirits". rut roo. Then we ate at the Cajun cabin, we all tried alligator, had our own Cajun dishes, and bread pudding for dessert. All was well, we had a great time in the French Quarter(other than the smell of puke), and took the trolley back to the Hostel; well after the operator's extended bathroom break. Next day slept in till 5:00am, yay! and caught the train at 7:05 am, arrived in Birmingham around 2:30pm. Thus, adventure was over. 6,000 mile loop complete. Now arriving: Destination America!

John and Morgan walking in Jackson Square

Our Beignets

John's Etouffee

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 15

Hello again,

For our fifteenth day, we took the Metro Rail to downtown, then set out to find a restaurant with TVs so John could watch the USA vs. England game. We had no luck finding one, so we settled a burger joint called Wimpy's and were pleasantly surprised with delicious cheeseburgers. After lunch, we headed to the "aquarium." The website said it was a three story aquarium with an amusement park on the outside. It was actually a three story restaurant/ballroom that happened to have some fish tanks in it. We actually saw more fish at the zoo. After we saw a handful of fish, we headed outside to board a train that would take us on a "shark voyage" around the seven and a half acre lot. The train stopped in a thirty-foot long tunnel that had a whopping four different types of sharks. Yay! Not. So we went to the free Holocaust museum, which was actually very interesting.

Dan as a diver

John and a Tiger

Morgan in awe of the shark tunnel

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 14 (Outta of the Nowhere and into the Fire)

Where were you at 4 in the mornin'? Cuz us 3 amigos were gettin' off a train in Houston. As soon as we got out of the station we knew we were back in the South because the heat and humidity hit us in the face like a haymaker. So we caught a bus into town and stoped at the 59 Diner and had breakfast and like everything else in Texas, it was bigger. After our filling meal, we headed further into town and got to our hostel. After getting ourselves settled we made our way to the Zoo. We saw all of Dan's favorite animals and it was pretty good. Then we went to the Natural Science Museum and walked around there. Saw some cool rocks and bones. After that we hoofed it back to the hostel and crashed. That's was our first day in the Lonestar Star State. As they say in Texas, "Reverse-Howdy, Partner!"

Day- 13

Still train. Still nowhere.


Train through nowhere.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 11

Today started heading straight to universal studios. All was well did many attractions and did the studio tour, very interesting. It was a little odd going around those movie sets, almost with the feeling of deja vu. So familiar yet different without all the props, nonetheless; very interesting! After seeing everything universal studios had to offer, we headed over to the infamous Hollywood. There, we walked the walk of fame, saw Grauman's Chinese Theater, and of course the big Hollywood sign. All and all, very fun day.

John with Crash Bandicoot and Curious George

Morgan on the Terminator bike